Akemi Koyama
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Rat
Birthplace Tokyo
Likes Cheese
Dislikes Buns - because they're too soft
Hobbies Chewing on hard things
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 7

 Akemi Koyama is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Akemi is a white rat girl with an oval-shaped nose that is dark pink in color. She has a long, dark pink rat's tail and big, flipper-like dark orange feet. She has small dot eyes and rounded ears with pale pink coloring inside. Her hair is a small flip and bright orange. 


A girl who used to be observed by others, secret rumors would float around about the Company that watched her and how they have become addicted to Pop'n Music

She enjoys going to the cafe for tea but recently has taken up the career of dentistry after longing for a change. 


PM7 Edit

Originally Akemi had very pale brown skin with yellow hair. She wore a powder-blue dress with a tiny magenta flower depicted at the corner of the chest, on top of a white blouse. 


Here her nose is a brown color. She wears a white dress with a hot pink design on the corner. On top of her dress is a pale blue top worn with a pearl necklace. 


Akemi wears a pale pink and white nurse uniform. This is where she gained her white skin and orange hair. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Please Contact Our Tocho Hitomi Horikawa Miracle PM7
Please Contact Our Tocho Hitomi Horikawa Miracle PM8
My Name Courage ~ Suzuki Dental Clinic Hen Yuuki Caries Waltz PM12









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