Ageha 7
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Alien
Birthplace Near the Cygnus
Dislikes Anko (red bean Paste)
Hobbies Driving her Space Craft
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Ageha is a Pop'n Music Character. She first appeared in the home version of PM5. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Originally Ageha was depicted to be a tan-skinned girl with very dark blue-black hair in a short boyish cut and light purple eyes. Currently though, her skin has lightened while her eyes have turned ice blue and her hair pale blonde. 


Ageha originally came to Earth to search for her sister, Kelly, while invading the planet since she failed. However, her close attachement to her sister keeps her returning to Earth multiple times to visit her. She feels somewhat distressed each time she does, causing others to wonder if she would be happier if she wound up like Kelly. 


PM5 and PM6Edit

Originally, Ageha wore a dark blue-black bathing suit inspired outfit with a loose turqoise belt with a white clasp, with a collar that matched. Her boots are also dark blue-black with purple bottoms and a row of pearls around the cuff to match her wristbands and the pearls in her hair. She has many gold earrings on her ear. 


Ageha gained her pale blonde hair, skin, and blue eyes starting with this game. Her earrings turned ice blue while her hair pearls become hot pink. Her hot pink bikini is more shapely than her last top, as are her bottoms, which have a white band, symbol, and a tiny tail-like piece sticking out of it. She wears a translucent turtleneck tank top on top of her bikini and a pair of hot pink shoes with white leg warmers on top of them. Her wristbands are not hot pink but the pearls are still white. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Escapes from Your Love Yurika Nagasawa Crystal PM5
Lasting Shaker Boo Spiritual PM6 and PMBH
Pride Yurika Nagasawa Splash PM7
Light Nazca Neo Folk Rock 2 PM11



  • Ageha is one of the few characters to be given a "color makeover" using the characters alternate colors.
  • Ageha translates to Swallowtail, a type of Butterfly. 



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