Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Yokohama Japan
Likes Carbonated Juice, Kittens
Dislikes Cleaning, The steep hill in front of her house
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 AYA is the last playable character introduced in Pop'n Music 3. She is used for CS1 and CS2 modes. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Aya is a dark tanned girl with bright blue eyes and grayish-brown hair worn in a spiked ponytail. She tends to dress like Judy, Tourmaline, Rave Girl, and Mary. 


A girl with a fresh personality, despite not being well known AYA already seems to be popular. She has just recently met Judy and Mary but she considers them friendly-rivals - she doesn't care if they are famous. She has been helping Judy learn Japanese and during her free times she likes playing Basketball and Dancing at Clubs.  

Recently she has taken it upon herself to raise a kitten that she obtained from Dia. Although she gets very scratched up by it, she claims to be fine and inisists that the kitten is just playul. Her spunk and energy makes her a great dance partner. 


Pop'n Music 3Edit

Aya wore an outfit to match Mary and Judy. It is composed of an orange and white T-shirt with a single white star at the center of the chest. Her pants are dark orange with a single white line going down the center of each leg, and a pair of dark gray sneakers with white accenting. Her hair piece is red, while she wears a gold earring and silver belly-button ring. On her wrist is a red bracelet. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

An orange and black striped turtleneck tank-top with plain, dark orange pants with an orange pocket on each hip. Her shoes are now black and white, while her red bracelet and hair scrunchie gain an elaborate design. She gains a silver droplet-styled earring, while her belly-button is the same from the last game. 

Pop'n Music 5 and Pop'n Music 8Edit

A bright, golden-orange tube top with baggy dark green jeans and sneakers of light brown and white. Her jewelry and hair piece remain the same. Hanging from her hips is a thin light brown belt.

In recolor form, AYA has browned skin and dirty-blonde hair. She wears a light indigo top with blue jeans, dark hot pink and white sneakers, and a black belt. Her hair piece is brown. In PM8, she uses this as her main design. 

Pop'n Music 12Edit

AYA returns to her normal coloring after an absense. Her skin has lost it's reddish-hue, while her eyes have darkened. She wears a sky blue and white split tank-top with long, baggy dark green swim trunks with a thick white stripe on each side of the leg. Her hair piece and bracelet are white, while she stopped wearring her earring and belly-button ring. Her sandals are sky blue with white foot straps. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Red Apple Lollipop Tonic featuring K. Groove Rock PM4
Lovers High Free Soul PM8
Into the Light Good-Cool featuring Chico Beach PM12


Pop'n Music 3Edit


  • AYA is the second unique character to be modified from Mary. The first being Judy.
    • Counting Mary's own recolors however, she would technically be fourth. 
  • She is very similar to Tourmaline. Both wear/wore Orange and were modified from Mary and dance like her.
  • AYA is the second character to originate from Yokohama Japan.